The Box Latch Family Revives In-Person Meetings

In 2019 Box Latch Products welcomed Janelle Palermo into the family as Director of Digital Marketing. Through the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Janelle worked remotely to bring awareness to the company’s Reuse, Reduce, then Recycle, mantra. After 4 years with only Zoom videoconferences, Covid has finally cleared and the real world has returned. Thus, in mid-March 2023, James Wilson, CEEO, and Janelle finally met in person at her home in upstate NY. While Jim and Janelle spent time strategizing a path...

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If This Pile of Cardboard Could Be an Asset, Why Would You Throw It Away?

I know, because it’s plastered with tape, right? The same tape that gums up your production lines! That causes your staff to cut their fingers or causes damage to the contents when they have to use blades to open these boxes. The same tape that is applied by the roll just to consume your money, never to be seen again! What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could close and reuse this asset dozens of times? We...

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Box Latch - boxes compressed for recycling

How Soon Are Packaging Waste (EPR) Laws Coming to Your State?

In the summer of 2021 Maine and Oregon became the first two USA states to enact and sign packaging waste reduction principles into law. Because waste from these sources exceeds the resources required to recycle it, governments are looking for ways to help municipalities deal with this problem. These environmentally focused efforts are titled Extended Producer Responsibility laws. Image from Forbes 7/29/2018 Under these model laws producers of packaging products will pay into a fund based on the amount and the recyclability...

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