In 2019 Box Latch Products welcomed Janelle Palermo into the family as Director of Digital Marketing. Through the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Janelle worked remotely to bring awareness to the company’s Reuse, Reduce, then Recycle, mantra.

After 4 years with only Zoom videoconferences, Covid has finally cleared and the real world has returned. Thus, in mid-March 2023, James Wilson, CEEO, and Janelle finally met in person at her home in upstate NY.

While Jim and Janelle spent time strategizing a path for the next year, Janelle’s young children, Gabriella and Juliana needed to play a role. What always works in these situations? Keeping a balloon in the air.  So that is what we did. From Janelle’s perspective, it felt like a family gathering with Jim’s wife Gret as photographer.

The joy felt by all of us as we laughed our way through our strategic planning session was the motivation to protect the future of the next generation. It takes a community to raise a child, especially with parents working remotely. We hope this visit illustrates that the entire Box Latch Team is working as a community to protect what’s good about today as we pursue Innovations Outside the Box to build a better tomorrow.