I know, because it’s plastered with tape, right? The same tape that gums up your production lines! That causes your staff to cut their fingers or causes damage to the contents when they have to use blades to open these boxes. The same tape that is applied by the roll just to consume your money, never to be seen again!

What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could close and reuse this asset dozens of times?

We want to help cut your operating expenses today and recover floor space for your company while we’re at it. Let us show you, how when you use our box cost savings calculator available at boxlatch.com or see things in action on YouTube.

Email us at info@boxlatch.com or contact Dan at +1 262-573-6646, dan@boxlatch.com for some free samples and a free consult. To develop some “What if” projections for a closed loop box reuse pilot project using our in-depth Savings and ROI calculator, contact CEEO, Jim at james@boxlatch.com.