The 2024 Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA) Trade Show and Conference turned out to be the perfect opportunity for Erik Kozman and Jack Wilson to debut the Box Latch Products’ innovative, patented products in their Moving Made EZ Kit©.

Box Latch - Moving Made Ez Kit Banner with Resellers Wanted written and an image of the Moving Made EZ Kit and the products in use on corrugate boxes

This event was a great opportunity for self-storage facility owners and operators to discover how they could become resellers of Box Latch™ Products by adding this environmental sustainability and convenience moving kit to their retail revenue stream. The new box adds the professional look essential for retail sales.

The eight Box Latches™ in the Kit provide a convenient way to repeatedly close and reopen boxes without tape or blades. The eight Clip & Stacks allow boxes to be lifted and transported ergonomically using the flaps as handles with no flaps in the way. These benefits align perfectly with the storage industry’s desire to assist its customers.

Box Latch - white corrugate box with Moving Made Ez Kit Label with Diagrams and a photo demonstrating Box Latches and Clip & Stack

For more information or to order small quantities, click: Moving Made EZ Kit. Click Reseller for pricing information on larger purchases. For samples and marketing information, contact Jack Wilson, 920.541.3404.