Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Tall wall. Green, side view.

Introducing The Box Latch™ Tall Wall for Gaylords

Do you struggle with the reuse of expensive RSC gaylord boxes and containers caused by damage from tape? Would you like to cut the time required to close the flaps in half? If so, it is time to initiate a box closure and fastener system that allows you to replace tape with our durable latching system. Use them hundreds of times! Pay for them with your savings on tape as you save time and enhance the lifespan of your gaylords. The Box...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Large - green, yellow, red, blue, black. Stacked on a shelf.

Quality Control on a Budget with Box Latch

ISO 9001 Series, AS 9400, ASQ, QMS, and Six Sigma Companies-  Looking for a handy and economical way to identify your processes? Box Latches™ provide a convenient way to seal and reopen corrugate boxes without damaging the box, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on containers and mistakes. The Box Latch™ family comes in five colors and can be used to identify various processes. An example of how one of our clients use the latches: Black:     Products to be inspected Red:   ...

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Box Flaps Causing Problems?

Do box flaps cause a problem at your facility? Box Latch™ Products can help! This brief video demonstrates how our reusable Corner Clip & Stack works to hold box flaps down and out of the way for ease of filling, removal of goods and even stacking of boxes. Also demonstrated in this video is how companies can create their own lightweight, reusable totes by using existing boxes.

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Visit us at The Responsible Business Summit New York 2020 Brooklyn, NY | March 17-18, 2020

Box Latch™ Products is excited to announce that we will be attending The Responsible Business Summit New York 2020!  Hundreds of C-suite & senior level individuals from world leading brands will gather to share their plans and strategies to drive a transformation in the way the world conducts business. Among the 12 keynote speakers are Steve Rendle, Chairman, President and CEO at VF Corporation and Mary Jane Melendez, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer; President at General Mills Foundation. Steve...

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