Revolutionizing Worldwide Use & Re-Use of Boxes & Cartons

Export Vision

Eco-Latch Systems, LLC, inventor and maker of Box Latch™ Products, was founded by two Wisconsin brothers who were raised on a farm in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. They believe that their Box Latch™ products are a force for positive change in the world.

Their patented and patent-pending products were designed to help companies re-use their cardboard boxes many times, replacing the traditional “one-use mentality” in the process.

As their assortment of Box Latch™ products emerged, they were stunned at how far ahead of the USA, Europe, and other countries with limited natural resources were. Most of the inquiries that arrived via their early website came from international companies focused on sustaining the environment, improving the lives of their employees, and reducing expenses.

Over the last several years, the Wilson brothers have had the opportunity to work with global industry leaders in the form of the Toyota Parts Centre in Diest, Belgium and VF (apparel giant) in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. Our Box Latch™ products have been purchased by the thousands for use at VF and are in the final stages of beta testing at Toyota. Each of these Fortune 250 companies have taken  important positions regarding sustainability and the environment within their respective companies.

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Our Hope

The hopes and dreams of the Wilson brothers are that by exporting their products and ideas to the rest of the world, those global customers and USA companies will see the wisdom of “Thinking Outside of the Box,” as they, too, seek to employ triple bottom line thinking in their support of sustainable supply chain solutions.