Why Does Sustainable Packaging Focus So Heavily on Recycling?

Packaging World is the “go to” resource when it comes to news and innovation in that niche. An article discusses how Brita Premium Water is the first retailer with a refillable recyclable aluminum bottle and plastic-free paperboard carrier both of which are recyclable. Hallelujah! As a company whose mission is sustainability in the packaging world, we thank Anne Marie Mohan for this article on sustainability. Our hat is off to Brita for finding a practical way to eliminate 1,800 plastic bottles...

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Box Latch - Picture of Jack and Erik standing behind table at Box Latch's booth at the AZSA Trade show

Box Latch Debuts Moving Made EZ Kit© at AZSA Conference!

The 2024 Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA) Trade Show and Conference turned out to be the perfect opportunity for Erik Kozman and Jack Wilson to debut the Box Latch Products’ innovative, patented products in their Moving Made EZ Kit©. This event was a great opportunity for self-storage facility owners and operators to discover how they could become resellers of Box Latch™ Products by adding this environmental sustainability and convenience moving kit to their retail revenue stream. The new box adds the...

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We Give Boxes Wide Open SUPERPOWERS!

Have you ever seen boxes that can be side accessed to insert and remove long parts? On your path to becoming a Cost Savings Superstar for your company, we invite you to view a popular closed loop box reuse, Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. case study. Using Box Latches on both ends of corrugate boxes for transporting and assembling long parts, WPI has improved its financial and environmental bottom lines. The same boxes have been collapsed and reused for more than 1.5 years, saving...

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Making Moving Easier, One Box at a Time

Moving can be a daunting task. The heavy lifting, the endless packing, and unpacking—it’s enough to make anyone break a sweat. But what if there was a way to simplify the process, reduce strain on your back, and make moving more sustainable? The Box Latch™ Products’ Clip & Stack is a game-changer for anyone dealing with cardboard boxes. The Problem: Awkward Box Handling We’ve all been there: reaching down to place our hands under the bottom of a box, struggling to lift...

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Announcement – Box Latch Products now available on Walmart.com

We’re thrilled to announce that our innovative Box Latch Products are now available on Walmart.com! Shop our collection today and experience the ease of box latching with a simple click on Walmart’s website. 🛒 Box Latch Products – Walmart.com How to use videos are available on YouTube. For friendly, personal assistance contact COO  jack@boxlatch.com, +1.920.541.3404.

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Saves time. Saves Boxes. Reduces waste.

Customers Discover Box Latch™ Products & Love Them

Box Latch™ Products have been used reliably and efficiently in industry for over a decade. Companies have saved tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing Box Latches and Clip & Stacks in their operations. Why and how? To reuse their boxes, save time, and reduce the need for tape guns and tape. Now, homeowners and renters are discovering they, too, can benefit from their use.  As seen in this customer’s garage, they can be applied effectively for short and long...

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Box Latch - clip stack holding box of wires open.

Is Recycling A Waste When Reuse Is This Easy and Efficient

This May 22, 2021 article explains the losing battle related to recycling plastic waste. cnbc.com/2021/05/22/is-recycling-a-waste-heres-the-answer-from-a-plastics-expert.html The article’s discussion point number 5 says, “While the goal of zero waste is ambitious, it is realistic to imagine a world in which more consumer products become reusable, if they can be easily returned in the circular economy.” The same is true for packaging products. 11 kg carton closed with 2 Box Latches on bottom and one on top Same box held open for filling and...

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If This Pile of Cardboard Could Be an Asset, Why Would You Throw It Away?

I know, because it’s plastered with tape, right? The same tape that gums up your production lines! That causes your staff to cut their fingers or causes damage to the contents when they have to use blades to open these boxes. The same tape that is applied by the roll just to consume your money, never to be seen again! What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could close and reuse this asset dozens of times? We...

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Want to Stop Breaking Your Back Picking Up Boxes? Turn Flaps Into Handles!

Moving Made EZ Kit Minimizes the Pain Reaching down to place your hands under the bottom of a box is awkward enough when you are young. However, the older you get, the harder and more painful it becomes. The bigger the box, the more difficult the task even with bent knees. Enter the Box Latch Products’ Clip & Stack and the boxes you throw away can be opened, closed, transported, reopened, contents checked, and reclosed indefinitely with instantly produced handles! Plus,...

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Box Latch™ Clip & Stack Rises To The Top

Frustrated with loading contents into boxes with plastic linings that don’t stay in the box? Solve this misery with the Box Latch™ Clip & Stack. Push down – flaps disappear – lift up and they open – without bands or tape Insert a Clip & Stack in opposite corners and plastic bag stays in the box Insert two Clip & Stacks on one end and load from that direction Save time, money, and frustration, visit boxlatch.com, and YouTube. For friendly, personal assistance, contact COO Jack...

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