We Give Boxes in London (and Everywhere) Superpowers

Ever seen a cardboard box with flaps held open for stacking like totes? Now you have. These boxes were displayed by Item-Products, Ltd. in Booth #B40 at the Packaging Week trade show in Olympia London, UK, September 21-22, 2022. We want to help you increase the day-to-day efficiencies of your team by stacking and moving open boxes. Please visit us at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL October 23-24, 2022. Contact dan@boxlatch.com for some free samples and a free consult. To develop some...

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We Provide Boxes with Extended Lives

Boxes ready for rebirth and reuse with Box Latch™ Products. Smile with happiness as your company reaps the financial benefits from box reuse.   This is how it works!   Box Latch™ Products replace tape to allow your boxes and cartons to be reused dozens of times before disposal. People : Profits : Planet all win when this occurs. The diagram below illustrates how closed loop box reuse can provide multiple uses of your fiberboard corrugate containers. For free samples and a no obligation consultation...

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If This Pile of Cardboard Could Be an Asset, Why Would You Throw It Away?

I know, because it’s plastered with tape, right? The same tape that gums up your production lines! That causes your staff to cut their fingers or causes damage to the contents when they have to use blades to open these boxes. The same tape that is applied by the roll just to consume your money, never to be seen again! What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could close and reuse this asset dozens of times? We...

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Why Does Sustainable Packaging Focus So Heavily on Recycling?

Packaging World is the “go to” resource when it comes to news and innovation in that niche. A recent article discusses how Brita Premium Water is the first retailer with a refillable recyclable aluminum bottle and plastic free paperboard carrier both of which are recyclable. Hallelujah! As a company whose mission is sustainability in the packaging world, we thank Anne Marie Mohan for this article on sustainability. Our hat is off to Brita for finding a practical way to eliminate 1,800...

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For Immediate Release – Closed Loop Box Reuse Is A New Wikipedia Definition

For Immediate Release Closed Loop Box Reuse – Is A New Wikipedia Definition As the world continues to deal with “Climate Change,” new behaviors to assist with the changes required are resonating around the globe. The theme Reuse. Reduce, Recycle has been gaining momentum for years. It is important to know that corrugated box and carton reuse has been rapidly advancing via a family of reusable devices. These patented or patent pending products are made in Wisconsin, USA and sold around the globe as...

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Can the “Milk – Closed Loop Delivery System” Penetrate the Sustainable Home Food Market?

Consumers around the world want to do business with companies that reduce packaging waste. More specifically, they perceive sustainable packaging for food-related products to be a priority. The team at Box Latch™ Products is working with the British firm Oddbox, to develop a sustainable packaging model for their subscriber-based deliveries of fruit and vegetables. It appears this program could work just as well for US based Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market and others. The above photos illustrate how easy it is to apply...

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Passage of Infrastructure Bill Pushes Reuse of Packaging Material

A recent article touched on a worrisome, stagnant US 32% of solid waste recycling rate.  Perhaps as a result of this statistic, the 2021 infrastructure investment and jobs Act is providing $100 million in new grant money for the EPA’s “pollution prevention” P2 grant program. Wiring Solutions Plus & REDARC in Adelaide, Australia Two latches on the bottom and one on top work well in a closed-loop corrugated box reuse program As it turns out, the EPA defines P2 as “any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its...

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Box Latch - boxes compressed for recycling

How Soon Are Packaging Waste (EPR) Laws Coming to Your State?

In the summer of 2021 Maine and Oregon became the first two USA states to enact and sign packaging waste reduction principles into law. Because waste from these sources exceeds the resources required to recycle it, governments are looking for ways to help municipalities deal with this problem. These environmentally focused efforts are titled Extended Producer Responsibility laws. Image from Forbes 7/29/2018 Under these model laws producers of packaging products will pay into a fund based on the amount and the recyclability...

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Box Latch - Girl on steps with stuffed snow man and corrugate box

Prices for Cardboard Soar – The Case for Box Reuse B4 Recycling Has Never Been More Timely

According to The Wall Street Journal cardboard boxes have never been in higher demand – and more expensive. Since that article was published in March 2021, the Covid pandemic and eCommerce trends have pushed the price of cardboard higher at a pace not seen since 1994. Prices for containerboard rose by $50/ton this fall, raising the benchmark grade to an average of $765/ton. Market projections indicate that price will hit $785/ton by spring. If ever there was a time where Reuse...

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Box Latch - Clip & stack being used at the Eco Pro Tradeshow

WEDC Grant Helps Box Latch™ Products Hold Boxes Open or Closed Worldwide

Thanks to what appears to be a short-lived global Covid 19 respite, we are pleased to announce that our Box Latch™ Products are gaining worldwide recognition. With distributors in the UK, the Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia, our products are continuing to “Revolutionize the worldwide use and reuse of boxes and cartons.” We shared a booth with our UK distributor, Item-Products, Inc. at the London trade show. We also shared a booth in Tokyo with our distributor in Japan,...

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