We Give Boxes Wide Open SUPERPOWERS!

Have you ever seen boxes that can be side accessed to insert and remove long parts? On your path to becoming a Cost Savings Superstar for your company, we invite you to view a popular closed loop box reuse, Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. case study. Using Box Latches on both ends of corrugate boxes for transporting and assembling long parts, WPI has improved its financial and environmental bottom lines. The same boxes have been collapsed and reused for more than 1.5 years, saving...

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Box Latch - collapsed boxes stacked in 2 piles ready for reuse

Why Are We Shipping Containers, Boxes, and Cartons Filled With Air?

A November 17, 2021 Philadelphia Inquirer business news article today caught my eye and forced me to ask the question on which this blog is based. Collapsed Boxes Headed to Reuse Boxes Headed to Recycling or Landfill During the current challenges with supply chain backlogs, why aren’t businesses looking for better mousetraps to move toward Sustainable Supply Chains as suggested in this article in the Harvard Business Review. An even bigger question is, “Why are the Aussies beating the USA to the punch.”...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. VF Corporation. Belgium.

VF’s “Company Purpose” and the “Power of And”

You’re all familiar with North Face, Lee, Wrangler, Timberland, JanSport, right? Mr. Steve Rendle, CEO of the multi-billion dollar VF Corporation, vfc.com, was a keynote speaker during a recent Ethical Corporation Business Sustainability Summit, reutersevents.com/events/rbs-usa. That’s where Jack and I had the pleasure of hearing and connecting with his message. Mr. Rendle talked about sustainability and the environment as key elements of each company’s unique “Purpose.” In keeping with the topic for this three-day event, he emphasized that each of these...

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Box Latch - Jim Wilson with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia

Box Latch™ Products Case Study in May “Packaging World”

In February Daniel Smith from Packaging World contacted CEEO, Jim Wilson, out of the blue.  He was interested in finding a case study that illustrated how corrugated boxes could be reused. Dan found us at boxlatch.com and was intrigued with what he saw there. Jim with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia One week Before COVID-19 Shut Everybody Down During the week before Covid-19 shut down nearly all the trade shows in the USA, Jim met with Alicia Pettigrew, Manager of Product Strategy at...

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Corner Clip in use holding box open while being filled with products

Box Latch™ Products Improve Assembly Cell Efficiencies

A prior blog reported how production manager, Tony DeVoy, at TYRI Americas in Stevens Point, WI made use of our Box Latches™. They found the latches were so useful that as soon as our Corner Clip & Stacks were invented, they put them to use, too. This report illustrates how TYRI’s systematic lean manufacturing makeover employed our clips helped reduce labor costs while growing production, reducing human injuries and eliminating worker frustrations. Efficiencies in Assembly Cells According to Mr. DeVoy, box flaps...

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