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How Soon Are Packaging Waste (EPR) Laws Coming to Your State?

In the summer of 2021 Maine and Oregon became the first two USA states to enact and sign packaging waste reduction principles into law. Because waste from these sources exceeds the resources required to recycle it, governments are looking for ways to help municipalities deal with this problem. These environmentally focused efforts are titled Extended Producer Responsibility laws. Image from Forbes 7/29/2018 Under these model laws producers of packaging products will pay into a fund based on the amount and the recyclability...

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Prices for Cardboard Soar – The Case for Box Reuse B4 Recycling Has Never Been More Timely

According to The Wall Street Journal cardboard boxes have never been in higher demand – and more expensive. Since that article was published in March 2021, the Covid pandemic and eCommerce trends have pushed the price of cardboard higher at a pace not seen since 1994. Prices for containerboard rose by $50/ton this fall, raising the benchmark grade to an average of $765/ton. Market projections indicate that price will hit $785/ton by spring. If ever there was a time where Reuse...

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Box Latch - David and Julian at UK Tradeshow

Box Latch™ Products Featured In London Trade Show

“Masked men” Julian Cook and David Holt, coowners of Item Products, LLC, the UK distributor of Box Latch Products in Europe celebrated a brief respite from the office this week. They showed hundreds of guests at the London, UK Packaging Innovations trade show how versatile our Box Latch and Clip and Stack devices are. Ninety percent of boxes are used once. However, boxes and cartons in “Closed Loop Box Reuse” systems can be used 20 to 30 times while the Box...

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Box Latch - collapsed boxes stacked in 2 piles ready for reuse

Why Are We Shipping Containers, Boxes, and Cartons Filled With Air?

A November 17, 2021 Philadelphia Inquirer business news article today caught my eye and forced me to ask the question on which this blog is based. Collapsed Boxes Headed to Reuse Boxes Headed to Recycling or Landfill During the current challenges with supply chain backlogs, why aren’t businesses looking for better mousetraps to move toward Sustainable Supply Chains as suggested in this article in the Harvard Business Review. An even bigger question is, “Why are the Aussies beating the USA to the punch.”...

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Box Latch - Jim Wilson and Dan Abrahms standing, surrounded by graphics booth at the milwaukee manufacturing technology trade show

Box Latch Products Trade Shows Press Release

Great News! After nearly two years, trade shows are back with in-person demonstrations that make them so much more fun. Pictured above at the Oct 5-7 Milwaukee, WI Manufacturing & Technology show are our new Midwest Sales Associates, Art Steadman, and Dan Abrahms. Interest in our Box Latch™ Products was exceptional. Samples were provided to hundreds of interested guests who learned about the financial and environmental benefits of using our reusable supply chain solutions. Look carefully and you will see that...

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Box Latch - Cover image for you tube video showing stacked boxes using product

Please Enjoy, Like, and Share Our New Video: How To Save Money On Boxes and Tape

In keeping with our mission to “Revolutionize the worldwide use and reuse of boxes and cartons,” we are asking you to check out our Closed Loop Box Reuse animated video. In less than two minutes you will see how customers use our Box Latches and Corner Clips to maximize their financial and environmental ROI. Implementing what you see here requires B2B customers to rethink their supply chain logistics systems. Whether your products move from Point A to Point B and/or Point C at...

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Box Latch - Products on boxes, a green background, with words. Saves time, saves boxes, reduces injuries.

Box Latch – “I wish I would have thought of that!”

“You should be on Shark Tank.” “Inventing something this simple is harder than inventing most things that are more complicated.” These are the words we continue to hear as creative individuals learn how our Box Latch™ Products are “changing the way the world closes and reuses boxes.” This family of innovative, reusable, supply chain solutions hold box flaps closed or open without the use of tape.  While doing so, they reduce box and tape costs, improve task times, reduce injuries to humans and...

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Box Latch - clip stack holding box of wires open.

Is Recycling A Waste When Reuse Is This Easy and Efficient?

This May 22, 2021 article explains the losing battle related to recycling plastic waste. The article’s discussion point number 5 says, “While the goal of zero waste is ambitious, it is realistic to imagine a world in which more consumer products become reusable, if they can be easily returned in the circular economy.” The same is true for packaging products. 11 kg carton closed with 2 Box Latches on bottom and one on top Same box held open for filling and...

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Box Latch - Products on boxes, a green background, with words. Saves time, saves boxes, reduces injuries.

Shortage of Corrugate Boxes – We Don’t Make Boxes, We Make Them Reusable

A shortage of corrugate boxes has continued to be linked to the COVID-19 domino effect.  A January 2021 article in Packaging World explains how consumers’ concerns with visiting physical store locations has significantly increased e-commerce. From March 2019 to March 2020 the use of corrugated shipping boxes was up 9% according to the Fibre Box Association. As demand for corrugate increased, four major factors have reduced corrugate supply in the recycling industry. The combination of these is expected to result...

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Box Latch - clip and stack, folded boxes, saves time, saves boxes, reduces waste.

Learn How Sustainability Actions Pay Huge Cumulative Dividends

Would you like to prove the value of your sustainability efforts with hard data? Years of feedback from happy customers has led us to create what we believe is a one-of-a-kind calculator for measuring the financial savings that come from Zero Waste Management and Green Manufacturing. We believe it is the only calculator in the world that allows businesses to identify and project the cumulative savings that come with reusing boxes, maximizing labor productivity, and reducing reliance on and costs for...

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