Why Box Latch

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The world is changing and sustainability is rapidly emerging as a key component in all business decisions. Sustainable supply chain solutions  are being sought by Fortune 1000 and small companies across the globe. Eco Latch Systems LLC, maker of Box Latch™ Products, is uniquely positioned to assist your business with innovative products and ways to enhance your sustainability mission.


The primary market for our Box Latch™ products is the B-2-B fulfillment and distribution centers (pick and pack) around the world.

Our secondary markets are:

  • manufacturing and assembly of components and/or completed products,
  • work-in-progress (WIP) operations,
  • parts inventory storage systems,
  • moving and storage industries, 
  • medical and research laboratories
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However, our products work well anywhere businesses or individuals want a rapid, no tape needed method to close and reopen boxes.


Re-Useable Box Latch™ products save money invested in one time use of tape as they promote box re-use and save money and our environment.  They may also reduce injuries caused by box cutters and respective stress caused from taping hundreds of boxes a day.