BoxLatch™ Products Make Big Splash in UK

Stacking corrugated boxes and moving them on carts? Who’d have thought this was possible? Our Boxlatches™ Products Distributor, Item-Products, Ltd, demonstrated this innovation at last week’s Packaging Innovation trade show in the UK. We wish we had been there with them as we were a few years ago. However, the growing business opportunities in the USA have forced us to stay home and work with 3M and other Fortune 500 companies this year. Thank you Julian Cook and David Holt for setting...

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Why Does Sustainable Packaging Focus So Heavily on Recycling?

Packaging World is the “go to” resource when it comes to news and innovation in that niche. A recent article discusses how Brita Premium Water is the first retailer with a refillable recyclable aluminum bottle and plastic free paperboard carrier both of which are recyclable. Hallelujah! As a company whose mission is sustainability in the packaging world, we thank Anne Marie Mohan for this article on sustainability. Our hat is off to Brita for finding a practical way to eliminate 1,800...

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Box Latch - boxes compressed for recycling

How Soon Are Packaging Waste (EPR) Laws Coming to Your State?

In the summer of 2021 Maine and Oregon became the first two USA states to enact and sign packaging waste reduction principles into law. Because waste from these sources exceeds the resources required to recycle it, governments are looking for ways to help municipalities deal with this problem. These environmentally focused efforts are titled Extended Producer Responsibility laws. Image from Forbes 7/29/2018 Under these model laws producers of packaging products will pay into a fund based on the amount and the recyclability...

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