Box Latch - clip and stack, folded boxes, saves time, saves boxes, reduces waste.

Learn How Sustainability Actions Pay Huge Cumulative Dividends

Would you like to prove the value of your sustainability efforts with hard data? Years of feedback from happy customers has led us to create what we believe is a one-of-a-kind calculator for measuring the financial savings that come from Zero Waste Management and Green Manufacturing. We believe it is the only calculator in the world that allows businesses to identify and project the cumulative savings that come with reusing boxes, maximizing labor productivity, and reducing reliance on and costs for...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Saves time. Saves Boxes. Reduces waste.

How to save 40% Annually on Box Costs

We understand that not all boxes in your company’s supply chain can be reused. That said, if only 10% of your boxes were reused 10 times the result would be a 40% annual savings. For example: if your company purchases $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000 of boxes, the savings can be an amazing reduction of expense and a huge gain for environmental sustainability.  Simply stated, each time boxes are reused; they do not have to be recycled or re-purchased.  Historically, the biggest...

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