The Box Latch Family Revives In-Person Meetings

In 2019 Box Latch Products welcomed Janelle Palermo into the family as Director of Digital Marketing. Through the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Janelle worked remotely to bring awareness to the company’s Reuse, Reduce, then Recycle, mantra. After 4 years with only Zoom videoconferences, Covid has finally cleared and the real world has returned. Thus, in mid-March 2023, James Wilson, CEEO, and Janelle finally met in person at her home in upstate NY. While Jim and Janelle spent time strategizing a path...

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BoxLatch™ Products’ Superpowers Land It at Trade Fair in South Korea

BoxLatch™ Products would like to thank Samsung, LG, Hyundai car, Kia car, Coupang, and CJ logistics for visiting Hang Seon’s (Steeve Byun’s) ePackaging booth at the SCM Trade Fair in South Korea last week. This opportunity arose only because of the training the BoxLatch™ Products team received several years ago through the Wisconsin Manufacturing Export Partnership (WMEP) ExporTech® program. That education has been supplemented by critically important export grant funding made possible through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. We thank the state...

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Box Latch - Clip & stack being used at the Eco Pro Tradeshow

WEDC Grant Helps Box Latch™ Products Hold Boxes Open or Closed Worldwide

Thanks to what appears to be a short-lived global Covid 19 respite, we are pleased to announce that our Box Latch™ Products are gaining worldwide recognition. With distributors in the UK, the Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia, our products are continuing to “Revolutionize the worldwide use and reuse of boxes and cartons.” We shared a booth with our UK distributor, Item-Products, Inc. at the London trade show. We also shared a booth in Tokyo with our distributor in Japan,...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Kathy Ireland on the Worldwide Business Show.

Ineffective vs. Effective Marketing ROIs

Want to hear a story about a costly marketing mistake? Make-believe your name is Jack, it’s a warm summer day and in comes a call from an unfamiliar individual. “This is Joyce from Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. Kathy is impressed with your unique Box Latch™ gadgets and thinks they should be promoted all over the world. She is inviting you to come to California for an interview on her TV show highlighting sustainability products.” What would you do? Be flattered that...

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Box Latch - colored products in three boxes. Box Latches holding sheets of paper to box edge.

Box Latches™ Work Well for QA & Returns in Japan

A joy that comes from diverse distributors surfaced yesterday. During a Zoom conference yesterday our Box Latch™ distributor in Japan illustrated their method of promoting our family of products. In November 2019, CEO, Jim Wilson, met with Mr. Akira Muroaka (owner) and Mr. Yoshi Mitsushima (General Manager) of the Nippon Systems, Corp. (NPC) in Osaka, Japan During yesterday’s monthly Zoom conference, Mr. Mitsushima showed Jim how NPC is promoting Box Latches™ and Corner Clips. He said our Japanese people expect products to...

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Box Latch - Jim Wilson and Dan Abrahms standing in a trade show booth holding product.

Pack Expo & “Packaging World” Like Box Latch™ Products

PackExpo East turned out to be the perfect meeting place on March 4, 2020 for Jim Wilson, CEO of Box Latch™ products to meet Daniel Smith, Regional Manager of PMMI Media based in Chicago. PMMI is the parent company of PackExpo and their trade journal, Packaging World. During the meeting we confirmed that Packaging World Editor Emeritus, Pat Reynolds, is excited to be working with Carl Bartle at Wisconsin Packaging, Inc. in Green Bay, WI to flesh out a case study...

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Pack Expo logo with a picture of Jim Wilson

“Packaging World” Likes Box Latch™ Products

On Wednesday, March 4, CEO of Box Latch™ products, Jim Wilson, met with Daniel Smith at PackExpo East. Daniel reached out to Jim a few weeks ago to see if our company had any unpublished case studies illustrating the value of using corrugate boxes to replace expensive plastic totes. The answer was, “We sure do.” That led to communications with Pat Reynolds, VP Editor Emeritus at PMMI Media Group and Packaging World. Watch for the notice reflecting the incredible on which Pat...

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Box Latch - Jack Wilson holding products while standing in a trade show booth.

Box Latch™ Products, COO Attends Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers Meeting.

Box Latch™ Products, Jack Wilson – Co-Founder, Inventor & Chief Operations Officer, attended the Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers February 25th meeting, hosted by Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, WI. The tour of the world’s largest aluminum propeller manufacturing plant was enlightening. Of particular interest was witnessing the lost wax casting process. The experience was a real joy for Jack who is always interested in seeing how things are made.  Mercury Marine is one of the newest customers using our Corner...

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Will 2020 Become The Decade of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle?

As we enter the second decade of The New Millennium, environmental issues have been making headlines across the world. Most recently the catastrophic fires in Australia are front and center, reminiscent of California’s Camp Fire.  Its citizens are calling for action on climate change while its government seems to have its head in the sand. The world is waking up but nowhere more than in Australia. Founded in 1999, the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has been taking a lead position...

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Box Latch™ Products Distributor In New Zealand

          CEEO Jim Wilson left the remarkable Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC’s) Trade Venture in Australia on November 23, 2019. While in New Zealand, he visited the headquarters of Box Latch™ Products’ headquarters in Auckland on the North Island and their warehouse in Christchurch on the South Island. Ankit Kumar and the Primepac sales team were detailed on the breadth of the market for our existing and the new Box Latch™ Products that will...

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