For Picking, Packing, Filling, Stacking and Transporting Boxes

Box Latch Products is the USA’s leading manufacturer of reusable components for the packaging, warehousing, assembly and supply chain logistics industries. Founded in 2010, our success has been achieved by inventing and patenting two product lines. The first is for closing, reopening and reusing corrugated boxes. The second is to hold flaps down and out of the way to add or remove contents and stacking, storing or transporting them while open.

Closed-Loop Corrugated Case Reuse Process Delivers Savings Through Cycles, Material Input Reduction

BoxLatch is in the news again! Read how our products are used at WSP. Wiring Solutions Plus (WSP) supplies wiring harnesses to manufacturer REDARC Electronics in suburban Adelaide, South Australia.

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International Media Exposure for Box Latch Products

See our sponsored content interview with Kathy Ireland, Worldwide Business.

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5,000,000Box Latches have prevented 5,000,000+ boxes from landfill/recycling

Check out this video about how to use the Box Latch Clip & Stack.

  • Holds flaps open for adding and removing contents.
  • Used for stacking and storing.
  • Great for transporting while open.
  • Create your own corrugate totes.

New B2B Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Box Latch™ Products are a Re-Usable alternative to tape, staples, and bands that have traditionally been used to close cardboard boxes. Operations and supply chain managers are able to reduce material costs (corrugated box and tape expenses) by anywhere from 10% to 90% following integration of Box Latch™ Products into their supply chain systems.

The Problem – 90% of all cardboard boxes are used just once & tape is not free

The Solution  – Innovative box Re-Use and tape reduction inventions by Box Latch™ Products

Triple bottom line (economic, environmental, and social) benefits can be realized:

  • tape reduction/elimination results in less line down time
  • promotes cardboard box Re-Use providing huge ROI
  • decrease worker injury rate (i.e. repetition motion injuries & puncture wounds)
  • faster than hand taping or folding flaps for closing and re-opening
  • does not destroy boxes like folding corners, taping, staples
  • may be attached to boxes and remain a part of the box for ease in box Re-Use and storage
  • elimination of tape = reduction in tape costs
  • boxes can be made tamper proof

How to Save Money on Boxes and Tape with Box Latch Products

This animated video illustrates how Box Latches can save businesses thousands of dollars when implemented in B2B, supplier to customer closed loop box reuse situations. It also demonstrates how the Clip & Stack keeps flaps out of the way when filling and emptying boxes. Customers are reusing boxes 20 to 30 times, generating astonishing financial and environmental savings.

In addition to cutting costs for boxes and tape, Box Latch Products reduce task and cycle times, human injuries and destruction to box contents.

Contact the Box Latch Products to see how their cost savings calculator can help you achieve a full ROI in 100 days or less.


I have worked with Box Latch™ Products’ Jim and Jack Wilson for the past 2.5 years. During this time, we have purchased and put over 50,000 medium and large Box Latches™ into process at our distribution centers in the Czech Republic. The entire team here appreciates the substantial amount of money related to time and material that we have saved as a result of the use of their products.

As a purpose driven company, we’ve noticed that using the Box Latches™ is not only cost and time effective but also positively influencing the working safety as a preventive measure against cuts and bruises from using tape dispensers and box cutters, not to mention the environmental benefits. Implementing the use of the Box Latch™ Products has brought significant betterment into our processes. Personally, I can only recommend to any similar operations: get in contact with Jim, Jack or their company reps at least to test their products.

The seven-hour time distance between the Czech Republic and Wisconsin can make things difficult. However, our communications have always been timely, positive and productive. Hereby I’d like to highlight also the professional, effective and patient support of both gentlemen.

Petr Pavelcak

Support Coordinator - VF Czech Services, s.r.o. Distribution Centre in Zdiby, the Czech Republic

We have used Box Latches™ daily in our warehouse operations for over a year. They are easy to use and do not destroy the box like tape and folding the flaps, thus, we can reuse our boxes, saving money and the environment. They also work great to close and reopen boxes at trade shows.”

Noel and Judy Vales

CobraHead, LLC, Cambridge, WI

We have been using hundreds of Box Latches for over five years now and are delighted with our investment in them. They have saved us thousands of dollars with each year of use. How so? By providing for rapid closing and reopening of boxes that contain light sensitive raw materials used in our finished products. They are handy to use and create speedy access to contents without damaging the boxes. We save boxes and, most importantly, time and money by eliminating the cost and inconvenience of tape.

We are also pleased with how well their new Clip and Stack product works to save time compared to taping flaps open as we place our finished goods in boxes.

Jason Dollak

Operations Manager, American Printpak, Sussex, WI

We were astounded to project that we expect to save 1 million meters of tape per year. Even better, we also save the costs of gathering up this temporary, messy tape and disposing of it. It has been a pleasure working with Eco Latch Systems as Jim and Jack have helped VF advance our “no waste,” “Go Green” mission while saving lots of money in the process.”

Herman Goosens

Facility & Maintenance Manager EMEA, VF Distribution Center, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

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Economic & Environmental Alert

90% of all cardboard boxes are used once! With an average cost of more than $1 per box, companies spend $millions on them each year. Governments, citizens, and nations spend $billions.  With box Re-Use, the economic savings for companies and benefits to the environment are enormous.

Re-Use vs. Recycle

Recycling corrugate to produce new boxes uses 64% of the energy and 58% of the water required to produce a new one. It costs next to nothing to Re-Use ‘em with Box Latches™

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