In the summer of 2021 Maine and Oregon became the first two USA states to enact and sign packaging waste reduction principles into law. Because waste from these sources exceeds the resources required to recycle it, governments are looking for ways to help municipalities deal with this problem. These environmentally focused efforts are titled Extended Producer Responsibility laws.

Box Latch - boxes compressed for recycling
Image from Forbes 7/29/2018

Under these model laws producers of packaging products will pay into a fund based on the amount and the recyclability of materials associated with their products. These funds will be used to reimburse municipalities for recycling and waste management costs, make investments in recycling infrastructure and help citizens understand how to recycle. The purpose of programs like this is to reduce the volume and toxicity from and increase the recycling of plastic and corrugate packaging material. What these regulatory efforts miss is that, whenever possible, Reuse of Boxes and Cartons B4 Recycling makes great sense and can be far more environmentally responsible.

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