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International Testimonials

VF Corporation in P3 Prague D8 park located approximately 10 minutes from the Prague city centre.

VF Czech Republic

January 2019 – I have worked with Box Latch™ Products’ Jim and Jack Wilson for the past 2.5 years. During this time, we have purchased and put over 50,000 medium and large Box Latches™ into process at our distribution centers in the Czech Republic. The entire team here appreciates the substantial amount of money related to time and material that we have saved as a result of the use of their products.

As a purpose driven company, we’ve noticed that using the Box Latches™ is not only cost and time effective but also positively influencing our worker’s safety as a preventive measure against cuts and bruises from using tape dispensers and box cutters, not to mention the environmental benefits. Implementing the use of the Box Latch Products has brought significant betterment into our processes.

Personally, I can only recommend to any similar operations: get in contact with Jim, Jack or their company reps at least to test their products. The seven-hour time distance between the Czech Republic and Wisconsin can make things difficult. However, our communications have always been timely, positive and productive. Hereby I’d like to highlight also the professional, effective and patient support of both gentlemen.

Petr Pavelcak,  Support Coordinator,  VF Czech Services, s.r.o. Distribution Centre in Zdiby, the Czech Republic | | p3 logistical parks cool virtual tour

Jack Wilson speaking with Jimmy De Block at VF in Sint Niklaas, Belgium (June 2016)

VF Distribution Center, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

“We first heard about Box Latches™ from a Total Logistics sales representative in Europe in 2015. Because of their knowledge of the apparel industry, VF Europe had previously chosen Total Logistics, Inc. to design and oversee construction of a massive warehouse merchandise receipt, storage, repackaging and shipping distribution system for us in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. Since VF was building a new distribution center (DC) in the Czech Republic, we thought the Box Latch™ could save tape, time, boxes and the environment if its use could be implemented effectively there. Anyone who knows VF and its North Face®, Wrangler®, Lee®, Timberland®, Nautica®, JanSport® and other brands knows that sustaining and improving our environment is a high priority for our company.

After testing the Box Latch™ Small and Medium in Czechoslovakia, VF purchased 18,500 of them. We were quickly convinced that we could apply the same principles they had used there to our facility in Belgium. After testing 1,000 of the large size, we purchased 15,000 of them. They work exceptionally well in our systems here in Belgium and we are certain this new latching device will work exceptionally well in lots of others. We are in the process of calculating the financial savings that will come with their use here and expect it will be in the 100s of thousands of Euros. It is rare to find a product that serves the environment so well while reducing cost at the same time.

What impressed us so much with ELS was that the Wilson Brothers traveled to Belgium to help us make sure we were maximizing the use of this new environmentally valuable box closure system. As we toured the facility, they kept seeing ways of implementing the use of their Box Latches™ and how the Anchors they had invented now are expanding their use. We began calculating how much temporary holding power tape we could save per year if we replaced that environmentally unfriendly product with Anchored Box Latches™. We were astounded to project that we expect to save 1 million meters of tape per year. Even better, we also save the costs of gathering up this temporary, messy tape and disposing of it. It has been a pleasure working with Eco Latch Systems as Jim and Jack have helped VF advance our “no waste,” “Go Green” mission while saving lots of money in the process.”

Jimmy De Block, Training Supervisor & Sustainability Coordinator EDC

Herman Goosens, Facility & Maintenance Manager EMEA, VF Distribution Center, Sint Niklaas, Belgium