Revolutionizing Worldwide Use & Re-Use of Boxes & Cartons

Trade Missions

WEDC Global Trade Venture

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) will be leading a global trade venture to Australia to help Wisconsin exporters find buyers in Australia.  The Box Latch™ team is excited to be part of this upcoming trip during which time side visits will be made to distributors in Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.

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Empack Tradeshow

On April 3-4, 2019, the Empack Tradeshow returned to Brabenthallen’s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Empack serves the Dutch packaging community for all professionals involved with packaging. During this trade fair, people were able to experience face-to-face demonstrations of our Box Latch™ Products. While at the booth they explored the newest way to close boxes and hold the flaps open without the use of tape, glue, staples, or bands.

Our company was the only USA-based business among the 675 European exhibitors. David Holt, Sales Director for our European Associate, Item-Products, Ltd, and Martijn Pullen, our sales rep in the NL joined us as we showed visitors a set of products they had never heard of or seen before. Empack is the only show organized in the Netherlands specifically for the packaging industry.

We thank the hundreds of attendees who stopped at our booth, received samples of our products and saw how our Innovation Outside the Box could help them help us “Revolutionize the worldwide use and re-use of boxes and cartons.”

WEDC Global Trade Venture

In 2018 the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) led Wisconsin exporters on a global trade venture to Germany to help Wisconsin exporters find buyers and distributors.  Jim represented the Box Latch™ products team. He was excited to have been able to visit the old stomping grounds from his days in the USAF in Germany during 1968-70 as a delegate on this important venture.

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