We Give Boxes Wide Open SUPERPOWERS!

Have you ever seen boxes that can be side accessed to insert and remove long parts? On your path to becoming a Cost Savings Superstar for your company, we invite you to view a popular closed loop box reuse, Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. case study. Using Box Latches on both ends of corrugate boxes for transporting and assembling long parts, WPI has improved its financial and environmental bottom lines. The same boxes have been collapsed and reused for more than 1.5 years, saving...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Klein Foods contest winner.

Announcing Winner of Box Latch™ Challenge # 1

Box Latch™ Products’ COO, Jack Wilson, announced today that Mr. Nick Klein of Klein Foods Inc. in Marshall, Minnesota walnutgrovemerc.com was the winner of the Worldwide Box Reuse Challenge. His company’s staff will be receiving their choice of $1,000 of Box Latch Products. Click boxlatch.com/shop to see the innovative, Green, supply chain, box reuse solutions from which they have to choose. Nick’s entry included this photo with the statement below it. “We’ve been using your products for a handful of years now...

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Box Latch - Jim Wilson with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia

Box Latch™ Products Case Study in May “Packaging World”

In February Daniel Smith from Packaging World contacted CEEO, Jim Wilson, out of the blue.  He was interested in finding a case study that illustrated how corrugated boxes could be reused. Dan found us at boxlatch.com and was intrigued with what he saw there. Jim with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia One week Before COVID-19 Shut Everybody Down During the week before Covid-19 shut down nearly all the trade shows in the USA, Jim met with Alicia Pettigrew, Manager of Product Strategy at...

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Box Latches in use on boxes while being stacked on shelves.

Box Latches™ Enhance Warehouse & Manufacturing Efficiencies

When Ken Turzinski co-owner of the Swedish TYRI Americas company in Stevens Point, WI returned from a Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) trade show in Milwaukee during January of 2018, he showed then production manager Tony DeVoy a Box Latch™. His comment was, “Tony, would you have any use for a product that closes boxes like these without tape?” When Tony found how easy it was to use a Box Latch™, he immediately saw a use and placed an online...

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Box Latch - colored products in three boxes. Box Latches holding sheets of paper to box edge.

Box Latches™ Work Well for QA & Returns in Japan

A joy that comes from diverse distributors surfaced yesterday. During a Zoom conference yesterday our Box Latch™ distributor in Japan illustrated their method of promoting our family of products. In November 2019, CEO, Jim Wilson, met with Mr. Akira Muroaka (owner) and Mr. Yoshi Mitsushima (General Manager) of the Nippon Systems, Corp. (NPC) in Osaka, Japan During yesterday’s monthly Zoom conference, Mr. Mitsushima showed Jim how NPC is promoting Box Latches™ and Corner Clips. He said our Japanese people expect products to...

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Box Latch - Jim Wilson and Dan Abrahms standing in a trade show booth holding product.

Pack Expo & “Packaging World” Like Box Latch™ Products

PackExpo East turned out to be the perfect meeting place on March 4, 2020 for Jim Wilson, CEO of Box Latch™ products to meet Daniel Smith, Regional Manager of PMMI Media based in Chicago. PMMI is the parent company of PackExpo and their trade journal, Packaging World. During the meeting we confirmed that Packaging World Editor Emeritus, Pat Reynolds, is excited to be working with Carl Bartle at Wisconsin Packaging, Inc. in Green Bay, WI to flesh out a case study...

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Toyota Parts Centre, Diest Belgium Testimonial

“After finding the Box Latch™ website in December of 2013, I contacted Eco Latch Systems. We had been searching for a while for a solution to the breakdown of tape that allowed the flaps on our large pallet boxes to bulge or “tent” open. When that happens, and our forklift drivers attempt to remove them, the boxes hang up on the frames of the shelves above them. Complicating matters, this occurs in our 6-meter-high racks where we store 4,000 boxes...

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Testimonial by Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.

This video testimonial is by Rick Barger, Supply Chain Manager of Suburban Manufacturing, Inc. of Monticello, MN. Suburban uses 1000+ Box Latches in their production facility.  Suburban is an engineering driven organization that partners with our customers to design and develop unique and specific solutions for multiple application specific needs in the Agriculture, Construction, Defense, Hydraulics, Industrial, Paint Refinish and Oil & Gas markets. Please visit their website for more information about what they do. www.gosuburban.com

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Testimonial From Petr Pavelcak | VF Czech Republic January 2019

I have worked with Box Latch™ Products’ Jim and Jack Wilson for the past 2.5 years. During this time, we have purchased and put over 50,000 medium and large Box Latches™ into process at our distribution centers in the Czech Republic. The entire team here appreciates the substantial amount of money related to time and material that we have saved as a result of the use of their products. As a purpose driven company, we’ve noticed that using the Box Latches™...

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