Santa’s Elves Are Latching Boxes & He’s Filling Stockings With

Hate searching for and reloading tape guns? Fed up with box suppliers that only want to sell tape and boxes so you can throw both away? Why not order this sustainable packaging Holiday gift and put it in the stocking for a family member, friend, or yourself? Santa’s elves have found the perfect gift. A latch that prevents damage to cardboard boxes by sliding it in to close the flaps and out to open them over and over again. His elves love...

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Clip & Stack Lowers and Raises A Flap – Made By

ARE YOUR BOXES WORTH SAVING for a new purpose? Have you seen the newest household gadget that helps you pack, unpack and stack open boxes in your basement, attic, garage, and office? Are you looking for a unique, Green, holiday stocking stuffer for an office mate, friend, or family member? Solve all of the above with the Box Latch™ Clip & Stack Push down and flaps disappear – lift up and they open Create your own free racks and stack boxes high to save space Stacked...

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What the Twist Cap Did for Beverage Bottles – A Box Latch™ Twist Does For Boxes

Twisting Your Box Closed According to Wikipedia, the first recorded commercial use of a twist-off bottle cap appeared in 1975. It was introduced on 16-oz beer bottles by Wisconsin’s Schlitz Brewing Company. Thus, it is only proper that the first twist-off box closure device is being introduced by Wisconsin’s Box Latch™ Products The shortcoming of the Schlitz “Twist” was that when the cap was “twisted” back on and the bottle rotated, the beer lost its fizz and leaked from a tipped bottle....

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Are Box Flaps Interfering with Your Business’s Bottom Line?

Chances are good that box flaps are interfering with your operations more than you realize. Hundreds of individuals attending USA and International Trades Shows have shared how open flaps cause problems hitting team members in the face, eyes, chest (more of an issue with women), or other body parts, as well as tripping when open boxes are moving on conveyors or stored on floors and low racks. Holding flaps out of the way for easy filling and emptying with a...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Large - green, yellow, red, blue, black. Stacked on a shelf.

Quality Control on a Budget with Box Latch

ISO 9001 Series, AS 9400, ASQ, QMS, and Six Sigma Companies-  Looking for a handy and economical way to identify your processes? Box Latches™ provide a convenient way to seal and reopen corrugate boxes without damaging the box, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on containers and mistakes. The Box Latch™ family comes in five colors and can be used to identify various processes. An example of how one of our clients use the latches: Black:     Products to be inspected Red:   ...

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Best Way to Close & Reopen Boxes Without Tape – Box Latch™

Push On Method for Box Latches: the word is getting out that the Push-On method is the most time effective way to insert and remove the world-famous Box Latches. How do we know? We have visited multiple user locations in the USA and the UK. As we did so we discovered that, when illustrated as presented here, nearly all customers had an “Aha” reaction. This Youtube video shows why. Please watch it because the true benefit lies with the simple, time-saving...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Saves time. Saves Boxes. Reduces waste.

Learn How Sustainability Actions Pay Huge Cumulative Dividends

Would you like to prove the value of your sustainability efforts with hard data? Years of feedback from happy customers has led us to create what we believe is a one-of-a-kind calculator for measuring the financial savings that come from Zero Waste Management and Green Manufacturing. We believe it is the only calculator in the world that allows businesses to identify and project the cumulative savings that come with reusing boxes, maximizing labor productivity, and reducing reliance on and costs for...

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Box Latch - Products on boxes, a green background, with words. Saves time, saves boxes, reduces injuries.

Box Latch – “I wish I would have thought of that!”

“You should be on Shark Tank.” “Inventing something this simple is harder than inventing most things that are more complicated.” These are the words we continue to hear as creative individuals learn how our Box Latch™ Products are “changing the way the world closes and reuses boxes.” This family of innovative, reusable, supply chain solutions hold box flaps closed or open without the use of tape.  While doing so, they reduce box and tape costs, improve task times, reduce injuries to humans, and...

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We Provide Boxes with Extended Lives

Boxes ready for rebirth and reuse with Box Latch™ Products. Smile with happiness as your company reaps the financial benefits from box reuse.   This is how it works!   Box Latch™ Products replace tape to allow your boxes and cartons to be reused dozens of times before disposal. People : Profits : Planet all win when this occurs. The diagram below illustrates how closed loop box reuse can provide multiple uses of your fiberboard corrugate containers. For free samples and a no obligation consultation...

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Are Box Flaps Causing Problems?

Do box flaps cause a problem at your facility? Box Latch™ Products can help! This brief video demonstrates how our reusable Corner Clip & Stack works to hold box flaps down and out of the way for ease of filling, removal of goods and even stacking of boxes. Also demonstrated in this video is how companies can create their own lightweight, reusable totes by using existing boxes.

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