In February Daniel Smith from Packaging World contacted CEEO, Jim Wilson, out of the blue.  He was interested in finding a case study that illustrated how corrugated boxes could be reused. Dan found us at and was intrigued with what he saw there.

Jim with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia One week Before COVID-19 Shut Everybody Down

During the week before Covid-19 shut down nearly all the trade shows in the USA, Jim met with Alicia Pettigrew, Manager of Product Strategy at the PackExpo East trade show in Philadelphia. One conversation led to another and, ultimately, to an introduction to Pat Reynolds, Editor Emeritus of the Packaging World trade journal.

As the pieces came together, Pat talked with Carl Bartle at Wisconsin Plastics, Inc., in Green Bay, Wisconsin and to our surprise and delight the WPI Box Latch™ Products case study will appear in the May 2020 digital and print issues of Packaging World. Click,

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