Box Latch™ Products’ COO, Jack Wilson, announced today that Mr. Nick Klein of Klein Foods Inc. in Marshall, Minnesota was the winner of the Worldwide Box Reuse Challenge. His company’s staff will be receiving their choice of $1,000 of Box Latch Products. Click to see the innovative, Green, supply chain, box reuse solutions from which they have to choose.

Nick’s entry included this photo with the statement below it.

Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Klein Foods contest winner.

“We’ve been using your products for a handful of years now and it’s been great. We are a gourmet food manufacturer and we use the box latches on all of our different products after they are created as well as on some ingredient boxes.”

During the course of this promotion Box Latch Products was delighted at how many times our challenge was commented on, shared, and retweeted on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Mr. Klein went on to say, “The latches work especially well for our homemade fudge which we often freeze. Going in and out of these boxes in the freezer can be a pain if you have to cut the tape and then re-tape all the time. The box latches have changed all of that! So much easier to use and we are probably able to increase the lifespan of the box 4-6 times.”

CEO, Jim Wilson, said, “The Worldwide Box Reuse Challenge was such a big success, there will be a second challenge sometime the next few months.  Stay tuned for your chance to apply and become the winner.”

Thank you everyone who participated.

To view our press release go here: World Wide Box Re-use Challange #1 Winner