A joy that comes from diverse distributors surfaced yesterday. During a Zoom conference yesterday our Box Latch™ distributor in Japan illustrated their method of promoting our family of products.

Nippon Systems QA with Caption

In November 2019, CEO, Jim Wilson, met with Mr. Akira Muroaka (owner) and Mr. Yoshi Mitsushima (General Manager) of the Nippon Systems, Corp. (NPC) in Osaka, Japan

During yesterday’s monthly Zoom conference, Mr. Mitsushima showed Jim how NPC is promoting Box Latches™ and Corner Clips. He said our Japanese people expect products to be manufactured with perfection. Thus, Quality Assurance checks occur repeatedly during manufacturing. The system they are promoting is that manufacturers temporarily close boxes with black latches, then change the color when QA is completed and boxes are ready for tape closure and shipping.

They believe that closing boxes with Box Latches™ until QA has been completed and changing colors to indicate the outcome can save millions of dollars of tape. It also prevents the need for box cutters.

In addition, as in the USA, Japan’s stores accept returns of products. They believe that companies receiving returns can use these colors with emoji faces to tell employees how to handle returns.

The Box Latch™ products team thanks Nippon Systems for this creative use of colored latches and clips to save time, money and the environment.