Box Latch™ Products have been used reliably and efficiently in industry for over a decade. Companies have saved tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing Box Latches and Clip & Stacks in their operations. Why and how? To reuse their boxes, save time, and reduce the need for tape guns and tape. Now, homeowners and renters are discovering they, too, can benefit from their use.  As seen in this customer’s garage, they can be applied effectively for short and long term box closing needs.

One of our many elated customers recently shared her unique use of Box Latches outside of the typical warehouse storage or logistics applications.

“These closures are wonderful! . . . They allow my boxes to stay neat and tidy and allow me to open and close them when needed without a box cutter or tape.”  Ellen from Texas

From short term closing of flaps during transport to long term storage needs, Box latch™ Products should be your “go-to” cardboard box fastener.

To see how simple Box Latches are to use, check out our “How to Use” videos on YouTube. For friendly, personal assistance with any questions or orders, contact COO, +1.920.541.3404.