According to The Wall Street Journal cardboard boxes have never been in higher demand – and more expensive. Since that article was published in March 2021, the Covid pandemic and eCommerce trends have pushed the price of cardboard higher at a pace not seen since 1994. Prices for containerboard rose by $50/ton this fall, raising the benchmark grade to an average of $765/ton. Market projections indicate that price will hit $785/ton by spring.

Box Latch - Girl on steps with stuffed snow man and corrugate box

If ever there was a time where Reuse B4 Recycle makes sense, it is NOW. This is not easy with eCommerce shipments. However, it is not difficult to create closed loop box reuse systems in the B2B world with a focus on carbon capture and lowering a company’s carbon footprint. Case studies show that all it takes is a change of mindset from tape to devices that close or hold boxes open without tape, even in the aerospace industry. The following illustration allows readers to visualize how this works.

Closed Loop Box Reuse Model

Companies can save thousands of dollars and the environment simultaneously by reusing boxes.

Box Latch - diagram showing a circular reuse model

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