A prior blog reported how production manager, Tony DeVoy, at TYRI Americas in Stevens Point, WI made use of our Box Latches™. They found the latches were so useful that as soon as our Corner Clip & Stacks were invented, they put them to use, too. This report illustrates how TYRI’s systematic lean manufacturing makeover employed our clips helped reduce labor costs while growing production, reducing human injuries and eliminating worker frustrations.

Efficiencies in Assembly Cells

According to Mr. DeVoy, box flaps are perpetual obstacles to efficiencies at assembly cells. The open flaps pose work flow impediments and cause ergonomic injuries for short stature floor workers.  Other types of clips can hold only one flap at a time. Heavy duty rubber bands are a pain in neck to place around all four flaps, especially on large boxes and cartons.

The TYRI team quickly learned that one Clip & Stack holds two flaps down and out of the way while two clips retain all four. The more human traffic and tighter the work space, the more they have found that these clips make life easier for workers and reduce task time. Equally important, it  appears they will last forever.

Stay Tuned!

Our next installment will show how colored Box Latches™ can reduce task time

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