A November 17, 2021 Philadelphia Inquirer business news article today caught my eye and forced me to ask the question on which this blog is based.

Box Latch - collapsed boxes stacked in a container ready for reuse

Collapsed Boxes Headed to Reuse

Box Latch - collapsed boxes stacked in one pile ready for reuse

Boxes Headed to Recycling or Landfill

During the current challenges with supply chain backlogs, why aren’t businesses looking for better mousetraps to move toward Sustainable Supply Chains as suggested in this article in the Harvard Business Review. An even bigger question is, “Why are the Aussies beating the USA to the punch.” Click to see a case study from two South Australian companies.

Not only are these companies not shipping air, their newly implemented closed loop box reuse system is producing big savings on tape, boxes, task time, disposal of waste, reduced potential from injuries, and damage to box contents. Their employees love these improvements because they improve their workflow and working conditions at the same time the system benefits the environment. Management loves it because it saves money. People, planet, and profits are leveraged and synergized by this innovation.

Jim Wilson, CEEO, Box Latch™ Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC