Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Kathy Ireland on the Worldwide Business Show.

Ineffective vs. Effective Marketing ROIs

Want to hear a story about a costly marketing mistake? Make-believe your name is Jack, it’s a warm summer day and in comes a call from an unfamiliar individual. “This is Joyce from Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. Kathy is impressed with your unique Box Latch™ gadgets and thinks they should be promoted all over the world. She is inviting you to come to California for an interview on her TV show highlighting sustainability products.” What would you do? Be flattered that...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Klein Foods contest winner.

Announcing Winner of Box Latch™ Challenge # 1

Box Latch™ Products’ COO, Jack Wilson, announced today that Mr. Nick Klein of Klein Foods Inc. in Marshall, Minnesota was the winner of the Worldwide Box Reuse Challenge. His company’s staff will be receiving their choice of $1,000 of Box Latch Products. Click to see the innovative, Green, supply chain, box reuse solutions from which they have to choose. Nick’s entry included this photo with the statement below it. “We’ve been using your products for a handful of years now...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape, comic strip.

No Tape – No Damaged Flaps – No Problem

Do you move boxes from Point A to Point B on pallets and then reopen the boxes? If the answer is, “Yes,” why not save money, time and the environment using Box Latches™? Businesses that move boxes on pallets typically rely on taped flaps and shrink wrapping to provide security. When the opened boxes have to be closed after calibration, for quality assurance testing, or to complete secondary processing steps, the flaps must be reclosed. If new tape is added, it...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Box Protective Equipment comic strip.

Where To Obtain Your BPE (Box Protection Equipment)

With PPE in short supply at the same time as the emerging worldwide box shortage, our Box Latch™ Products are at the forefront of the BPE (Box Protective Equipment) movement.  Never heard of BPE? You’re not the first. Neither had we until we invented this phrase and some talking boxes to explain it. We’re calling that “Box Talk.” The shelter-in-place world is requiring massive shipments of boxes. Shortages are looming as recipients destroy them and COVID-19 shuts down recycling centers.  As...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Covid 19% discount.

Box Latch™ COVID-19% Sale

COVID-19 has changed our lives without asking permission. Science tells us that the virus survives only 3 hours on plastic but 24 hours on cardboard.  We can’t go back and fix things so what can we do? How about – by helping you stay safer and saving money as you reuse boxes to save the environment?  Take advantage of our COVID-19% discount on all shopping cart orders for Box Latch™ Products through May 31, 2020. Receive a 9% discount for company POs...

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Closing boxes without tape. Boxes stacked without and with Box Latch

Worldwide Shortage of Boxes Looming

Last year, 300,000 fewer tons of corrugated containers were recycled in the USA than in the year before, even as domestic consumption increased by 3.5%, according to the American Forest & Paper Association. An industry trade body has warned that the UK could be hit by a national cardboard shortage as local governments suspend recycling collections. This is a result of pressures caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The same shortages appear likely in other countries where Covid-19 is altering supply chains and recycling centers. Box Latch™ Products...

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Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Box ReUse Challenge.

Worldwide Box Reuse Challenge #1

Box Latch™ Products is working hard to “Revolutionize the worldwide use and reuse of boxes and cartons.”  The winner of our drawing in this “Box Reuse Challenge # 1” will receive $1,000 of Box Latch™ products. If you are reusing your boxes, we would love to hear from you. Send a picture or two and brief description of the boxes you are reusing, how many times you are reusing them and, if possible, the financial savings to: Our experience has been that...

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Box Latch™ Products Case Study in May “Packaging World”

In February Daniel Smith from Packaging World contacted CEEO, Jim Wilson, out of the blue.  He was interested in finding a case study that illustrated how corrugated boxes could be reused. Dan found us at and was intrigued with what he saw there. Jim with Alicia at PackExpo East in Philadelphia One week Before COVID-19 Shut Everybody Down During the week before Covid-19 shut down nearly all the trade shows in the USA, Jim met with Alicia Pettigrew, Manager of Product Strategy at...

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Box Latch™ Products Improve Assembly Cell Efficiencies

A prior blog reported how production manager, Tony DeVoy, at TYRI Americas in Stevens Point, WI made use of our Box Latches™. They found the latches were so useful that as soon as our Corner Clip & Stacks were invented, they put them to use, too. This report illustrates how TYRI’s systematic lean manufacturing makeover employed our clips helped reduce labor costs while growing production, reducing human injuries and eliminating worker frustrations. Efficiencies in Assembly Cells According to Mr. DeVoy, box flaps...

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Box Latches™ Enhance Warehouse & Manufacturing Efficiencies

When Ken Turzinski co-owner of the Swedish TYRI Americas company in Stevens Point, WI returned from a Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) trade show in Milwaukee during January of 2018, he showed then production manager Tony DeVoy a Box Latch™. His comment was, “Tony, would you have any use for a product that closes boxes like these without tape?” When Tony found how easy it was to use a Box Latch™, he immediately saw a use and placed an online...

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