Moving Made EZ Kit Minimizes the Pain

Reaching down to place your hands under the bottom of a box is awkward enough when you are young. However, the older you get, the harder and more painful it becomes. The bigger the box, the more difficult the task even with bent knees. Enter the Box Latch Products’ Clip & Stack and the boxes you throw away can be opened, closed, transported, reopened, contents checked, and reclosed indefinitely with instantly produced handles! Plus, with latches on tops and bottoms, these boxes can be flattened and stored, saving lots of space.

Simple as a handshake and gentle on the earth, the kit comes with a set of reusable green latches and black clips that hold boxes open and/or keeps them closed for filling, emptying, refilling, and reclosing. Invented for industry, this product works incredibly well for consumers – especially anyone who is packing and unpacking standard, use-at-home boxes.

Kit contains 8 latches and 8 clips

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Using Box Latch™ products takes the misery and extended task time out of tape, tape guns and box cutters as it eliminates human injuries and damaged contents when packing and moving boxes in and out of storage locations.

The kit retails on Walmart for $39.95. Colors are available at How to use videos are available on YouTube. For friendly, personal assistance with large volume orders, contact COO, +1.920.541.3404.