Thanks to what appears to be a short-lived global Covid 19 respite, we are pleased to announce that our Box Latch™ Products are gaining worldwide recognition.

Box Latch - clip & stack being used at packaging innovation 2021 tradeshow booth
Box Latch - Clip & stack being used at the Eco Pro Tradeshow

With distributors in the UK, the Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia, our products are continuing to “Revolutionize the worldwide use and reuse of boxes and cartons.” We shared a booth with our UK distributor, Item-Products, Inc. at the London trade show. We also shared a booth in Tokyo with our distributor in Japan, i.e., Nippon Systems, Inc. Meanwhile, sales in the USA have doubled in 2021 despite the pandemic.

Each of these export growth opportunities were made possible with Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC) International Marketing Access Grant (IMAG) money from the SBA. Thank you WEDC!

Box Latch - WEDC logo
Box Latch - WEDC global connection International Market Access Grants - IMAG

To view and learn how to use our cost savings calculator and quantify the leveraged savings your company can achieve with box reuse, contact CEEO, Jim Wilson at or +1.570.359.2580