“Masked men” Julian Cook and David Holt, coowners of Item Products, LLC, the UK distributor of Box Latch Products in Europe celebrated a brief respite from the office this week.

Box Latch - David and Julian at UK Tradeshow
Box Latch -

They showed hundreds of guests at the London, UK Packaging Innovations trade show how versatile our Box Latch and Clip and Stack devices are. Ninety percent of boxes are used once. However, boxes and cartons in “Closed Loop Box Reuse” systems can be used 20 to 30 times while the Box Latch Products last virtually forever.

See how you can leverage your savings by reducing: 1) the number of boxes or cartons you dispose of after one use, 2) your expense for tape, 3) task times and labor costs, 4) floor space occupied by plastic totes filled with air, 5) human injuries from and 6) damage to box contents from blades, 7) contamination of contents and 8) waste disposal costs.

Contact: CEEO, James Wilson at james@boxlatch.com or 1-570-359-2580 to schedule a 15-minute, one-on-one Zoom demonstration of our proprietary cost savings calculator.