With COVID-19 creating havoc with people’s lives and supply chains around the world, our Box Latch™ products can help minimize transmission of the virus. How so?

Box Latch™ Products Family

Since they are plastic, Box Latch™ (BL) or Corner Clip & Stack (CC&S) can be cleaned and sanitized with ease.

Additionally, closing boxes with tape requires handling tape guns, refilling the guns when they run out, rubbing one’s hands or fingers over the taped box to make sure it adheres fully and passing the gun on to the next staff person or next shift.

Enter the Box Latch™ (BL) or Corner Clip & Stack (CC&S). Our products require no tape, no tape guns, no human contamination of the gun or rolls of tape and no fun and games with contaminated tape turned into hand or soccer balls.  Additional benefits include no finger or hand lacerations, no OSHA reports, no staff visits to doctors, no lost work time, no rise in Worker’s Compensation costs and no damage to contents.

Box Latch™ Products is open for business as usual. Check out the “How to Use” videos on our website, boxlatch.com/video and order your sample kit at boxlatch.com/shop. Alternatively, call Jack at 920-541-3404 or send an email to him at info@boxlatch.com.