Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it very rapidly.  It is still business as usual at Box Latch™ Products where we are filling orders from our shopping cart and purchase orders on a regular basis.

Jim and Jack

Unfortunately, the two major trade shows at which we were going to be an exhibitor in the next three weeks have been cancelled. The first one, Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit in New York City, has been postponed from March 17-18 until September 22-23.

The EasyFairs – Empack show in Utrecht, NL has been postponed from April 1-3 until June 23-26. We still plan on exhibiting at both.

With many travel bans in place, we are rapidly learning how important the internet is to be able to receive and fill orders via our shopping cart. It is equally important for the almost daily videoconferencing with our distributors and associates in the UK, Japan, Australia and South Korea.

We have developed a pictorial eBook demonstrating the extensive number of places where our latches and clips are saving time and the environment around the globe.  To receive a free copy,  please send an email to with subject line eBook.

If you would like assistance in how our products may work in a specific situation please leave a message in the body of the email and if you would like, attach a picture.

Stay healthy!

Jim, CEEO and Jack COO, Box Latch™