Do you move boxes from Point A to Point B on pallets and then reopen the boxes? If the answer is, “Yes,” why not save money, time and the environment using Box Latches™?

Businesses that move boxes on pallets typically rely on taped flaps and shrink wrapping to provide security. When the opened boxes have to be closed after calibration, for quality assurance testing, or to complete secondary processing steps, the flaps must be reclosed. If new tape is added, it produces distrust for the integrity of the contents. It also adds task time and may require an expensive, new, virgin box to replace the first one and assure customers that no one has tampered with the contents.

Box Latches™ with or without anchors accomplish this with ease and speed. Boxes can be opened, closed and reused dozens of times while latches and anchors are used hundreds to thousands of times. This includes in and out of refrigerators and freezers. Check out the article in Packaging World to see how Wisconsin Plastics does this.

Meanwhile, click to enter our Worldwide Box Re-Use Challenge. The deadline for entries  is May 15, 2020. Shopping cart orders pre-June 1, 2020 will receive our Covid-19% discount.

We know businesses have been adversely affected by this public health issue and these are among the ways we are giving back to the community.  We are all in this together!