With PPE in short supply at the same time as the emerging worldwide box shortage, our Box Latch™ Products are at the forefront of the BPE (Box Protective Equipment) movement.  Never heard of BPE? You’re not the first. Neither had we until we invented this phrase and some talking boxes to explain it. We’re calling that “Box Talk.”

Box Protective Equipment

The shelter-in-place world is requiring massive shipments of boxes. Shortages are looming as recipients destroy them and COVID-19 shuts down recycling centers.  As you can see above, today’s boxes are sad because recycling efforts are failing. Many humans are sad, too, wanting to do a good deed for the environment but knowing their efforts are being wasted.

Meanwhile the boxes are saying, “Us poor boxes end up homeless, rotting away in landfills when we could live many more days, months or years.”

“All we need are creative humans to get us through these tough days. They could simply buy some BPE to reuse us in existing closed-loop systems/WIP or warehouse management. Just think, for every 10,000 of us, 9,000 are unneeded as we do our hard work. Not to mention how we would avoid the tape stick-ups that destroy us.”

At the Box Latch™ Products headquarters we invent and produce the BPE needed to prevent box destruction. Lifespans of boxes can be extended by 5, 10, and even 20 uses. Even better, our Box Latch™ Products will live effectively through hundreds to thousands of reuses, maybe even until the next pandemic.

Please view our eBook of photos for creative ideas illustrating how our BPE saves boxes, money, and the environment.

Help all those boxes who are saying “Put a smile on our faces – don’t just recycle us, reuse us! Help us feel re-useful again, and again, and again…”