ISO 9001 Series, AS 9400, ASQ, QMS, and Six Sigma Companies-  Looking for a handy and economical way to identify your processes? Box Latches™ provide a convenient way to seal and reopen corrugate boxes without damaging the box, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on containers and mistakes.

The Box Latch™ family comes in five colors and can be used to identify various processes.

An example of how one of our clients use the latches:

  • Black:     Products to be inspected
  • Red:        Products on hold
  • Yellow:   Product to be reworked
  • Green:    Product good to move forward
  • Blue:       Product ready to be shipped.

Box Latches are reusable hundreds to thousands of times. Please see our website at, visit our YouTube Channel, or view our E-Photo Book.