Twisting Your Box Closed

According to Wikipedia, the first recorded commercial use of a twist-off bottle cap appeared in 1975. It was introduced on 16-oz beer bottles by Wisconsin’s Schlitz Brewing Company. Thus, it is only proper that the first twist-off box closure device is being introduced by Wisconsin’s Box Latch™ Products

The shortcoming of the Schlitz “Twist” was that when the cap was “twisted” back on and the bottle rotated, the beer lost its fizz and leaked from a tipped bottle. The beauty of the Box Latch™ Twist is that when this box opening and closing device is inserted between the flaps and rotated 90 degrees in either direction, the contents do NOT leak out. Instead, the closed boxes can be neatly stored and stacked, protecting everything inside from dust and light contamination. Equally important, you become part of the Lean Green sustainability movement by reusing your undamaged boxes and Twists for years.

Ready to open the box? Just twist the Twist 90 degrees. It’s the ideal box opening and closing device for packing, unpacking, moving and storing household goods in garages, closets, attics and under the bed. Works equally well for repacking and storing what didn’t sell at your garage sale or flea market. No folded flaps, no tape, no damaged boxes. No box cutters needed to cut tape, objects in the box or your body parts.  And, yippee, no guns to reload or tape sticking to the wrong place.

Want to save oodles of time, boxes and tape as you enhance your sustainability efforts by reducing packaging waste?  Purchase them on Amazon, Walmart, or Box Latch Twist – Box Latch Products.

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