Chances are good that box flaps are interfering with your operations more than you realize. Hundreds of individuals attending USA and International Trades Shows have shared how open flaps cause problems hitting team members in the face, eyes, chest (more of an issue with women), or other body parts, as well as tripping when open boxes are moving on conveyors or stored on floors and low racks. Holding flaps out of the way for easy filling and emptying with a reusable, BoxLatch™ Clip & Stack eliminates this problem. Even better, this inexpensive clip allows for stacking empty or filled boxes. This innovative system makes the transit of open boxes on carts or conveyors convenient for closed-loop box reuse and cost-effective for movements within the same or different locations.

Start this New Year by testing the BoxLatch™ Clip & Stack in your operation and see all the bottom line benefits it has to offer.