What a changing world? No sports, no concerts, no large gatherings, no trade shows, no fun. Thanks for nothing COVID-19.

So… let’s go fishing!!!

Jim Wilson, CEO, holding a fish
Here’s CEO, Jim, after a few hours on Lake Michigan.

We miss seeing current customers and meeting new prospects at these shows. However, our YouTube videos and free Zoom consultations provide equal or better opportunities for curious prospects to see our unique supply chain solutions in action.

Watch this video to see COO Jack Wilson demonstrate the use of the Box Latch™ at MinnPack. Then save the expense of a trade show and tell us about your needs. We’ll see how we can help. info@boxlatch.com, 920-541-3404


Our products are made in the USA, are being reused hundreds to thousands of times and can be purchased directly from the company website shopping cart, boxlatch.com/shop or via a company PO.