This May 22, 2021 article explains the losing battle related to recycling plastic waste. The article’s discussion point number 5 says, “While the goal of zero waste is ambitious, it is realistic to imagine a world in which more consumer products become reusable, if they can be easily returned in the circular economy.” The same is true for packaging products.

11 kg carton closed with 2 Box Latches on bottom and one on top

Same box held open for filling and removing contents with Clip & Stack

Like plastic, cardboard has been considered a one-time-use packaging material. Although recycling cardboard is less difficult than recycling plastic, it still consumes 58% of the water and 64% of the energy needed to produce a less durable new carton.

Our patented Box Latches™ are making cardboard boxes/cartons reusable as many as 20 to 30 times. The newest case example above comes from Australia. Two latches are used on the bottom and one on top as these cartons travel 17 miles from Point A to B. Equally important, the flaps no longer have to be cut off as they begin their migration through Point B’s assembly process. Instead, boxes are held open on each end as contents are inserted and removed.

The result –  reduced box costs and task time, no human injuries, and far less disposable waste.

When empty, the boxes are collapsed as they travel from Point B back to Point A where they can be quickly reconstructed. No tape is used in either direction.

Watch our news feed in the upcoming months. We are working with a Fortune 500 company to become even more environmentally friendly as we move away from petroleum-based plastic to non-GMO bioresins.