“You should be on Shark Tank.”

“Inventing something this simple is harder than inventing most things that are more complicated.”

These are the words we continue to hear as creative individuals learn how our Box Latch™ Products are “changing the way the world closes and reuses boxes.”

This family of innovative, reusable, supply chain solutions hold box flaps closed or open without the use of tape.  While doing so, they reduce box and tape costs, improve task times, reduce injuries to humans and eliminate damage to box contents.

Unlike other method of sealing boxes, Box Latches don’t destroy the boxes when used and can be reused hundreds to thousands of times as the boxes are reused 20 times or more.  This may sound trivial, but each time a box is reused it does not need to be purchased.  As an example of box cost savings; if your company could reuse 10,000 current one-time-use-boxes 10 times, it would reduce the box purchases by 90%. Now that’s big money – not counting the benefit to our environment.

The Clip & Stack not only holds box flaps down and out of the way, it allows stacking of open boxes.  This “Innovation Outside the Box” provides an entirely new way to make reusable “tote storage containers.”

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