If your business needs access to working capital to grow like we have, it’s time to look to the US Small Business Administration for help. We did and it worked.

Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Export. Packaging Covenant Organization. Sydney, Australia.

90% of the world’s markets for products are outside the USA. If we want to reduce our country’s trade deficit, exporting is a must. Besides, you owe it to yourself to learn how to redirect some of your hard earned IRS and state tax dollars back into your company’s ability to export your products.

To do this someone will have to expand their responsibilities. That is exactly how I became our Chief Export and Executive Officer (CEEO). If I did it in my mid 70’s, so can you.

Click youtube.com/watch?v=x5f5XI4CRto&feature=youtu.be and view this SBA webinar. Starting at 8 minutes 30 seconds, you will see how our Box Latch™ Company acquired its SBA Export Express loan. You also will see how our goal of exporting environmentally sustainable, box fasteners and box closing devices allowed us to gain access to $75,000 of state grant and federal grant money. Watch ‘til the end and you’ll learn about all of the SBA export loan programs.

If you’d like more information about our award winning products and how we did it, visit boxlatch.com or contact me at james@boxlatch.com.