The worldwide shortage of boxes and cartons was first reported by us in an April 2020 blog. Covid-19 reluctance to visit retailers is feeding online sales with vigor. As predicted in the spring, concerns about box shortages are growing.

When CEEO Jim Wilson was asked recently, “Why aren’t people reusing boxes and cartons?,” he replied “Because manufacturers of products and consumers do not know how fast, easy and cost effective it is to close,  reopen and stack them with Box Latches™ Products. Companies like American Box in Philadelphia, PA buy, clean, and sell them by the millions.

Box Latch - Closing boxes without tape. Stacked corrugate. Corrugate disposal. Box Shortage.

Further research into the box shortage occurs when workers filling orders can’t find the right size box and use any size that works. This leads to increased costs because larger boxes are more expensive and dimensions drive costs more than weight. It also causes ever more cardboard waste.

Ontario, Canada based Crawford Packaging recently reported that because of Covid-19 and home deliveries, one of its suppliers has seen orders for corrugated paper soar to the second highest level in North America in the past 30 years. That means that prices are going up accordingly.

Learn more about box reuse at where you’ll discover that recycling paper cardboard boxes is an expensive 10-step process. Reusing boxes with reusable Box Latch™ Products costs nothing. Please visit our YouTube Channel or view our E-Photo Book  to see how they work or click to place an order