Consumers around the world want to do business with companies that reduce packaging waste. More specifically, they perceive sustainable packaging for food-related products to be a priority.

The team at Box Latch™ Products is working with the British firm Oddbox, to develop a sustainable packaging model for their subscriber-based deliveries of fruit and vegetables. It appears this program could work just as well for US based Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market and others.

The above photos illustrate how easy it is to apply the milk delivery principles to today’s sustainable home food deliveries.  Suppliers simply drop off boxes of goods closed with Box Latches in a secure exterior container. Suppliers with an internal delivery system retrieve undamaged boxes closed with latches at the next dispatch for reuse in a zero waste, circular economy. People, planet, and profits all win!

  • 60 Years ago, external packaging receptacles for home milk deliveries were the norm. Some communities have continued this model; most joined the single-use throw-a-way economy.

Box Latch™ Products were created to offer closed loop box reuse solutions that extend the lives of boxes worldwide. Our Reuse B4 Recycling solutions provide leveraged financial and environmental savings.   

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