Would you like to prove the value of your sustainability efforts with hard data?

Years of feedback from happy customers has led us to create what we believe is a one-of-a-kind calculator for measuring the financial savings that come from Zero Waste Management and Green Manufacturing. We believe it is the only calculator in the world that allows businesses to identify and project the cumulative savings that come with reusing boxes, maximizing labor productivity, and reducing reliance on and costs for tape.

Box Latch - collapsed boxes stacked in a container ready for reuse

If you would like someone to help you calculate your potential savings, we’re here to help. You provide us your or suspected sustainability project – we will lead you through the “what if” scenarios to illustrate your cumulative savings from:

  1. Reusing boxes or cartons two or three times vs. twenty or more (yes, we have many customers doing this)
  2. Reducing task time by a few seconds and repeating this hundreds to thousands of times per cycle, month, or year
  3. Replacing tape that damages boxes with Box Latches or Clip & Stacks that cause no damage and can be reused for years
  4. Gaining floor space by collapsing boxes between reuses instead of using expensive, plastic totes that, when empty, store nothing but air
  5. Acquiring floor space by stacking boxes with flaps held open
  6. Reducing costs for disposing of corrugate

Add these all together and one leverages the other. The cumulative results are astounding. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll do our best to save your company lots of money.

Contact me, the Chief Executive and Export Officer, Jim Wilson at james@boxlatch.com or 570-359-2580, “Don’t leave the office without calculating your potential savings.”

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