Hate searching for and reloading tape guns? Fed up with box suppliers that only want to sell tape and boxes so you can throw both away?

Why not order this sustainable packaging Holiday gift and put it in the stocking for a family member, friend, or yourself?

Santa’s elves have found the perfect gift. A latch that prevents damage to cardboard boxes by sliding it in to close the flaps and out to open them over and over again. His elves love not needing tape and tape guns.

Parents and kids will quickly love Box Latches, too. Used on boxes before wrapping allows everyone to slide latches out and open the flaps without box cutters, injuries to humans or damaged contents. See how easily and effectively they work with Slide in and Push On methods on YouTube.

Reuse the latches forever on any and all boxes in the garage and attic without damage. It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving after the holidays.

Turn them upside down, insert, and add colors for easily visible storage systems.

Add anchors and the latches stay with the boxes wherever they go. No folded flaps.

Save time, money, and frustration, order at boxlatch.com. For friendly, personal assistance focused on orders in multiples of 400 for supply chain logistics settings, contact COO jack@boxlatch.com +1.920.541.3404,