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Our Mission: Change the way the world closes and Re-Uses boxes. Develop the products and tools to help the world understand that Re-Use, not recycling, is the most effective long-term solution to corrugate waste management. Embrace circular economy thinking by providing the education and customer service needed to implement our solutions in environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible manner for businesses and society.


Our Vision:   Invent, manufacture, and provide sustainable logistical supply chain solutions for use with corrugate boxes. Teach the magnifying power of corrugate box Re-Use. Illustrate to companies and individuals how to reduce packaging expenses and sustain the environment with our innovative, box closing products to produce triple bottom line benefits.

Our Products and Their Value:
 Cardboard boxes have existed for nearly 150 years without a simple, effective box closing and reopening system. Tape, staples, glues, and straps all destroy boxes, limiting their Re-Use or making them non-Re-Useable. Our Box Latch™ Products (Small and Large, with or without Anchors, and Medium) and Side Latch™ reflect the new thinking and design required to lead a movement that re-uses boxes multiple times, in lieu of once, and then recycles them. Box Latches™ extend the lives of boxes multi-fold and markedly reduce costs for tape and the expense incurred disposing of it.



Each time these latches and the boxes are re-used, the savings are magnified – without the transportation, labor and energy costs required to a) transport these materials to recycling centers, b) re-manufacture them, and c) return them to use and circulation. Re-use boxes three, five, or more times and the reduced costs and environmental savings are extraordinary.

Our Company:

Eco Latch Systems, LLC Maker of Box Latch™ Products

Our Locations:

U.S. Headquarters - W225 N40414 Duplainville Rd. Pewaukee, WI 53072

European Office  -  Nobelstraat 1c, 2513 BC, The Hague, The Netherlands


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"Our Mission: Changing the way the world closes and Re-Uses boxes."


- Jack D. Wilson

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We have carefully pulled together a team that is more like a family than a business.  We have decades of professional and entrepreneurial experience to provide you with excellent resources for your business success. We have a burning passion to see our mission through. Our customer service is personal and we ship anywhere in the world!

Company Ownership

NEW Jack Wilson Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

Jack D. Wilson (Business Development & Logistics Director )

As the inventor of the original Box Latch™, Jack is a co-founder of Eco-Latch Systems, LLC. He is a Wisconsin native and University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus who has supported eco-friendly business practices since their inception. Jack’s key core value is his desire to help others and improve our environment. He and brother, Jim, have succeeded with this by producing efficient and cost-effective box closure and reopening systems for individuals and businesses. Jack has worked hard to teach the benefits of greener business practices, and looks forward to a day when everyone will Re-Use, not just discard or recycle, boxes on a regular basis, saving money and our environment in the process.

NEW James Wilson Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

James F. Wilson (Co-Founder, Business Advisor)

Co-founder of Eco-Latch Systems, LLC, and Jack’s brother, Jim has spent his career owning his own businesses and helping animals, their owners, and the veterinarians who care for them. As a speaker, author, teacher and consultant, Jim has always tried to invent better, more efficient mousetraps for success. Thus, when the initial Box Latch™ eco-friendly box closing device was invented, he was eager to use his degrees in, and knowledge of, law and business to promote the positive effects it would have to save time, labor costs, and the environment while improving the bottom line of the businesses that embrace this new technology.

NEW Deborah Dollak Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

Deborah J. Dollak (Operations & Supply Manager)

Deborah has 25 years of experience in a family medical packaging business. She operated presses, handled shipping and receiving duties, supervised employees, and helped the company grow from a dream to a very successful multi-million dollar business. In addition to her responsibilities at the company, she raised three wonderful children, all currently involved in the family business, and managed to find the time to go to school and earn her RN degree.

Sales Force 


Tom Allen (Global Sales Consultant)

Tom Allen is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in material handling systems and Distribution Centers (DC), who was extremely impressed with our novel, simple to use box closing system and decided he wanted to join our company for a new challenge after retiring from TGW Conveyor Systems. He has worked across multiple industries to gain a complete understanding of distribution centers (DC operations), applications of technology, and how to enhance a company’s ROI with a product as simple as the Box Latch™. If you need help figuring out how to benefit from the use of Box Latch™ Products in your company, Tom is your man.


NEW Tim Cook Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

Tim Cook (Sales Representative)

Tim is a degreed and licensed Civil Engineer who has joined Eco-Latch Systems, LLC after retiring with 23 years of honorable service in the Navy. He brings with him a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, a Business Environmental and Social Responsibility Certificate (BESRC) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Master’s Degree in Foreign Affairs from the Newport, Rhode Island Naval War College.  He has enthusiastically accepted his Sales Representative position because he saw the greener, more efficient mousetrap solutions that come with the use of Box Latch™ products within minutes of his first introduction to them and wanted to be a part of their future.  He is the father of two boys, currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Contract Consultants

NEW Sandra L. Hoffmann Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

Sandra L. Hoffmann (Office Manager)

Sandy has spent the past 35+ years of her career working professionally in Human Resources with a focus in payroll, benefits, recruiting, training, and event planning. She received her Associate’s Degree from University of Wisconsin-Waukesha and Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her passions are animal welfare and stylish shoes. She is an active voice for animals through her volunteer position as a Board of Directors member for HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society.)


NEW Tom Wilcox Box Latch Reuse Cardboard Without Tape

Tom Wilcox (Product and Graphic Designer)

Tom is a design engineer, product developer, and inventor named on 18 U.S. Patents. Much of his past 45 years has been focused on the design of custom stainless steel products, MRI imaging coils, kitchen and bath products, and injection molded plastic consumer products. In addition to his design of innovative products, he is known internationally for his computer art and 3D printed bronze jewelry.


son cropped 72 dpi DDD_2694_web_crop

Craig Grigson III (Website Development & Marketing Communications)

Craig helps small businesses communicate to their target audience by building WordPress website platforms (including this one), content marketing (blogging), social media management (specializing in LinkedIn), and small business copy (online as well as written). He is a former U.S. Navy fast-attack submarine nuclear reactor operator. His first love for communication came when he wrote his beautiful wife love letters from under the sea during all three of his deployments. He is now happily married with two boys under the age of four. You can find more about him at his website here.


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