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Cool Choices

Members of the Box Latch™ Products team are currently playing “Cool Choices” with other businesses across Waukesha County!

Cool Choices is a non-profit organization that implements fun and effective sustainability programs that motivate people to adopt practices that save energy, water, and fuel – both at home and work.  This community-scale program is an opportunity to celebrate the advantages of increasing daily sustainable practices across Waukesha County. Participation takes just a few minutes a day, and builds a “buzz” about sustainability. That buzz leads to increased workplace innovation, measurable savings for participants, and community pride.  The program is implemented through our easy-to-use, fun, game-based online platform. Play will begin October 2 and continue through November 10.

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Box Latch™ Products is proud to donate Medium Box Latches™ as prizes to our County level game!